Half a Pair

I finished the first sock! Whoohoo!


Above, I’d just started the toes, and below, they are done.


I’m not sure how neat my Kitchener stitch is, but you can barely see it anyways.


Obviously, the sock is far, far too big for Sarah…



…but it does fit my foot! Ah, it looks so good, and feels very pleasing to slide on as the inside is heavenly soft. I’m off to cast on this sock’s pair, because I simply cannot wait to see a pair of these. Hopefully the next sock goes as well as this one did.

Anyways, see ya!


2 thoughts on “Half a Pair

  1. Wow! Amazing job! You should be super proud of yourself for knitting a sock… now to avoid second sock syndrome, haha. 😀 Maybe Sarah wants a pair too!


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