Kitchen Renovations

After a weekend of planning, I am finally building a little kitchen in Sarah’s apartment. Here it is as of the end of yesterday:



And here are the modules at the end of today:


(the left is for cupboards and the black box will be a stove)


(and on the left here is the fridge, with door and shelves still drying. The right is more cupboards)



In the back of the two units, I’ve engineered heaps of storage space for all the assorted kitchen paraphernalia I will inevitably make in the future. It will be an L-shaped kitchen as in the first picture, and the two benches aren’t stuck together for easy storage. It probably doesn’t look like a lot, but the design and blueprint took about a day, so I’m really happy that it is finally in 3D.

Sarah’s also happy about having a proper kettle soon. πŸ˜€

Anyways, see ya!


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