In The Sink

I was able to glue the bench tops and the sink onto the cabinets today.


I’m super happy with the sink – I made a wide box from popsicle sticks and painted the inside white for the sink part, and the taps are wire and beads glued together.


To the right of the sink is a long, spacious benchtop.



There’s also a little space to the side of the sink, maybe drying dishes go there, or just mugs, I’m not sure yet.


Sarah and I can see it all coming together now, it’s very exciting!

Anyways, see ya!


2 thoughts on “In The Sink

  1. Wow, that sink looks amazing, I can’t believe it’s made from wire, beads, and popsicle sticks! Sarah looks rather adorable perched on the countertop, haha. And I love all the little mugs! (Baymax, eep!) 🙂


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