Quills are mentioned a lot in the Harry Potter books, and I’ve never seen a tutorial for making one. So, when I came across this little feather in the backyard, it was perfect.


If you want to find a feather for a quill, make sure it’s clean, don’t bring bird poop or dirt into your house.



If you don’t have an abundance of small feathers in your backyard, you could make a quill by gluing a toothpick to paper, cutting the paper finely around the toothpick, cutting the toothpick down on an angle…


…then painting the toothpick the colour of the feather. You could also paint the feather a light grey or other bird colour, but I’ve stuck with white for simplicity.



The paper version works quite well, I think. The paper quills are also more versatile with colours, as they could be pink if you wished, whereas the natural quills are whatever colour they come as.

Anyways, see ya!


4 thoughts on “Quills

  1. Ooh, what a good idea to make quills! I love that overhead shot – it really looks like Ollivander’s wand shop. Also, I think Sarah has a better wardrobe than I do… 🙂


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