A Herd of 10 Horses: Requested

As requested by towaco5oh (If you’re looking for heaps of awesome stuff about Schleich horses, go check her out! And thank you for the suggestion!), this is a list of sorts of 10 of my Schleich herd. They are in no particular order, just the first 10 that popped into my head.


This is Annie, the Tennessee Walking mare from a few years ago.


Above is Cheyenne, the Camargue mare from a few years ago as well.


This is Daffodil, the current Shire mare.


Coincidentally, this is Duke, the current Shire stallion.


Then this is Felix, I don’t really know what breed he is as the catalogue just said ‘Trained Horse’.

Poppy&Caramel3 edit_1

These two are Poppy (on the left) and Caramel, my two Haflingers.


This is Puzzle, my Pinto yearling from a few years ago.


Spice, the recently retired Falabella mare.


Stevie, my Icelandic mare who I believe is still available.


Last but not least is Pie (behind), my retired Pinto mare.

Looking over these 10, I own a lot of retired models. I don’t really like most of the newer ones, If I’m honest, but that may just be personal preference. It’s good to give my horses some love, as I forgot how photogenic some of them were!

Anyways, see ya!


7 thoughts on “A Herd of 10 Horses: Requested

  1. Thanks so much for doing this post! If you did not see already, I have a few of my horses with their names on a page on my blog. Your welcome for the suggestion as well!


    1. It’s a tiny strip of paper, with the name written on that’s taped onto the ribbon with double-sided tape. I don’t have a post for all my models, but I have been working on a page with them all on. I really must finish it soon… 😊


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