Testing the Oven

Has the timer gone off yet?



Woohoo! The choc chip cookies are a success!


The canister looks so good filled.


BB8, they are not for you, alright? You’ll get crumbs in your personality chip.



I made them out of clay, formed into small semi-circles and painted with choc chips. They are two slightly different colours, partly because I was testing colours and partly because not all cookies in a batch are the same shade, right?

In other news, an anonymous taste test has revealed that they are delicious, and they go excellently with hot chocolate.

Anyways, see ya!


6 thoughts on “Testing the Oven

      1. Turns out I am somewhat talented! I made a baker’s dozen cookies yesterday, but I still have to bake them. I also may have or may not have taken pictures fora tutorial on my blog (hint hint).


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