Loaf-ing and Toasting

This loaf was a bit temperamental to make, as it didn’t particularly want to stay the shape I made it, but it got there in the end.


The end slice of the loaf is toasted – and rather burnt, too.



Both slices of bread fit into the toaster, as I made the toaster based on the size of the bread slices.


So the bread can go in un-toasted…



…and come out toasted. This slice might have been in there a little too long, I think. We’re still getting the hang of the toaster, some of the settings are a little funny.

Anyways, see ya!


2 thoughts on “Loaf-ing and Toasting

  1. That is a lovely loaf of bread…and I understand the struggle with the toaster. If bread burns at the middle setting, why is there a high setting at all? 😛 The one loaf looks quite delicious, though! 🙂


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