Granny Colour Wash Progress

I was browsing Attic24 earlier this week, looking at her incredible blankets, and on impulse, decided to crochet a miniature version.


It’s mostly hot colours at the moment…



The colourwash pattern is beginning to emerge here.



The squares were attached as I went, which made the whole process of connecting the squares very quick.


Above, the last granny square has been attached, and I’ve decided to do a simple white border around it. I love the rainbow order and the way the colours graduate to the greens and blues at the bottom. Now I want to make myself one the same, if only spells worked in real life, then it would be easy to duplicate and enlarge it.

Anyways, see ya!


8 thoughts on “Granny Colour Wash Progress

  1. I’m with quietwatercraft, that’s the cutest thing ever…and it would be so pretty full-size! Sarah is lucky indeed! You’re heroic for weaving in all those ends, haha.


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