Mini Harry Potter

Finally, I was able to get around to making a full miniature set of Harry Potter books, including Cursed Child.



Having the full set naturally meant they had to go with their full size counterparts.



I made the covers of the main seven myself with pictures of my copies, and I used a free printable of the Cursed Child to get the size of the homemade ones right.



This photoshoot was a lot of fun, especially setting up the last two pictures. I love the idea of using the actual text from the books as a backdrop for stuff related to the book, if that made sense. The book I used for that picture was Deathly Hallows, if you’re curious.

Anyways, see ya!


12 thoughts on “Mini Harry Potter

  1. Ooooh mini books! -squeals- Those last two photos are super awesome, very artsy, and I love the idea of using the books as background text! Did you have a tutorial you used to make the mini books? I suddenly feel that I need a mini set of Harry Potter books in my life. 😀 Also, the cover of the Cursed Child book is hilarious…Perry Hopper! 😛


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