Mini Lunar Chronicles

In addition the mini Potter series, I also made the Lunar Chronicles books in miniature.



Don’t they look adorable next to their bigger cousins?


Of course Iko adores them.


The record player is there to keep them from popping off the shelf because by blissful coincidence it’s the perfect width to be a bookend.



The covers are made from pictures of my own copies which I put into Word and cropped and scaled to the same size as Cursed Child (because that one was already the right size), then printed out and made into books. Sarah loving fiction as much as I do, it makes me very happy to put little books everywhere in a similar manner to my space.

Anyways, see ya!


5 thoughts on “Mini Lunar Chronicles

      1. Horse Diaries basically explains it self. It is pretty much the story of a horse’s life ‘wrote’ by the horse. Winnie the Horse Gentler is an 8 book series about a 12 year old Christian girl who lost her mother at 9 and her father has moved her and her sister Lizzy around for two years until they finally land in Ashland OH. Where Winnie finds her dream horse and sets up her own business as Winnie the Horse Gentler.


  1. Those are so cute, it’s great that Sarah has a big fiction collection like you do…and the same tastes, apparently! (Those are also my two favorite series, so I’m fangirling over here.) 😀


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