Sarah’s New Jumper

Do you remember how Sarah was eyeing up the yarn I knitted my socks with? Well, she has her own garment in that yarn now.


The pattern came from a book called ‘Knit Your Own Boyfriend’ by Carol Meldrum, which I originally picked up ‘just for a look’.


There’s ribbing around the sleeves as well as the bottom and neck.



I think it’s perfect for keeping warm under a blanket…



…or extra cool days in Diagon Alley. If I could modify the pattern somehow, I would make the neck lower at the front, but other than that, I love it. Sarah adores it, as you’d expect. I have plans to make a few more in other colours, so we’ll see about that pattern modification.

Anyways, see ya!


2 thoughts on “Sarah’s New Jumper

  1. That’s beautiful – Sarah looks so cozy! I love how the self-striping yarn works on the front…such a cool pattern. I’d love to curl up in a knitted sweater under a blanket – Sarah has a good life. ^__^


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