Ready to Order?

I finished the Three Broomsticks counter today.


The circular Three Broomsticks logo was originally going to be on the front of the store, but I think I like it here just as much.


There’s also a little glass box for displaying cakes and pies when they get made. For now, we put some ice creams in.


The orange curved bench-top, which would probably look way out of place in any other store!



Looking good! I may make booth seating next, or I could do a cake stand and something to put on it. We also need a coffee machine, and definitely a chalk menu behind the counter… not to mention the food. I’d better get busy!

See ya!


5 thoughts on “Ready to Order?

  1. Hey Fillie! My sister got an American Girl craft book, and one of the ideas is how to make a bakery sign on a chalk board. Like, a fancy design. Would you like more information on it??? 🍩 πŸͺ 🍰


  2. Looks fantastic – the ice cream looks delicious in that display case! Can’t wait to see the finished store, especially the chalk menu! πŸ™‚


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