The Little Hufflepuff

Recently, I finished my first item of clothing entirely knitted on toothpicks.


Knitting on toothpicks makes things just the right scale for Sarah, although it can get fiddly sometimes.


This scarf was done in moss stitch, just because I love the look and feel of it.


A certain magizoologist was spotted in Diagon Alley wearing the scarf, so it’s already quite popular in the wizarding community.




Even among droids! (Sidenote, I reckon BB8 is a Hufflepuff.)

Anyways, see ya!


15 thoughts on “The Little Hufflepuff

  1. Sarah looks quite dapper in that coat and her new scarf! I salute you for knitting the moss stitch on toothpicks, I imagine that would get quite fiddly. Newt Scamander has certainly done wonders for popularizing being a Hufflepuff, hehe, and I think you’re right about BB-8 being one as well! 😀


      1. Really? You should start again! Crocheting with toothpicks would be a bit harder, as you’d have to work out how to get a hook on the end of the toothpick. Maybe you could carve it? But that’s possibly more fiddly than knitting with the toothpicks. 😊

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  2. The thing is, I did not crochet for a while, and then I just forgot! Next time my aunt comes over, I’ll see if she can re-teach me. And by the way, what is a Hufflepuff exactly?


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