Not Cracker-lacking

The process of drafting a pattern for Sarah-scale Christmas crackers is not simple. I based all these patterns on one that came in a Mollie Makes freebie a while ago.


My first pattern and its result is on the right, and it didn’t work because I don’t believe triangular crackers are sold conventionally. (If I’m wrong, do correct me!) My second attempt is on the left, this one was too large, being octagonal rather than hexagonal.


I got the pattern right by cutting off two of the octagonal patterns’ sides, huzzah!



I made the first two with plain, craft paper to make sure the pattern worked, then I made two with metallic craft paper scraps.


The Mollie Makes pattern came with some Christmassy papers, and I used one of the papers to make a cracker with the full-sized pattern.


I’m not sure what I’ll do with this cracker yet, it may just be a photography prop, but Sarah’s crackers will definitely get brought out each Christmas. If you have ideas for what I could do with the larger cracker, feel free to suggest them!

Anyways, see ya!


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