Crochet Headband Pattern


This headband pattern is really simple and easy, a great beginner’s project. I use them a lot in summer to keep hair off my face, because it’s just too hot!

– Any DK yarn; acrylic might not be as stretchy as a natural fibre but it’ll still work
– The appropriate hook – I used a 4 or 4.5mm hook for mine
– Scissors
– Yarn needle

Doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s relatively even.

You could embellish your headband if you wanted, though I chose not to as I felt the twist was enough visual interest.
If your twist isn’t exactly in the centre, that’s fine! None of mine are, just try and get it close.
If you don’t have enough yarn to go around your head, crochet your strip as long as you can, and use elastic to make up the distance. You can see this in my purple headband in the photo above.
3 ch at the start of rows counts as a st.
This pattern is written in UK crochet terms, and a quick Google search can bring up a UK/US conversion table.

Ch 12.
Row 1: 1 tr into 4th ch from hook, 1 tr into each ch to end. 10 sts.
Row 2: 3 ch, 1 tr into each tr to end. 10 sts.
Repeat row 2 until crochet strip fits around your head comfortably. My headbands are 50 rows long.
Fasten off, weave in ends.
Find the centre of your crocheted strip, and twist it there twice. Sew it in place, then sew or crochet ends of strip together.
Embellish, if you like.

Close-up of the twist.

If there are parts that don’t make sense, or need adjusting, or you’ve made your own, please comment! Feedback is great, and I’d love to see your creations.