Project Roundup

I love stocking up on yarn for a project, especially when it’s a project this colourful! This pile of rainbow yarn turned into these gloves for a family friend. I crocheted around the thumbhole to neaten the edge, and (hopefully!) to hold it together for longer. I’ve also started the front fa├žade of the new…… Continue reading Project Roundup

Tee’s Long Sleeves

Between a week of crocheting squares, sewing panels together yesterday…. ….and sewing on pockets this morning, Tiffany’s cardigan is done! “It’s so warm!” The sleeves are a little bit tight, but she can still get in and out of them. Either way, Tee loves it! I was inspired by a similarly-constructed cardigan in a crochet…… Continue reading Tee’s Long Sleeves

Winter Garland

All the pieces done…. ….and crocheted together! I made these scarves years ago and they’ve languished in a prop box pretty much ever since, so it’s good to have found a use for them. I love how they look like they’re draped over the white chain. I made three different snowflakes with three different coloured centres. There’s…… Continue reading Winter Garland

Project Roundup

I’ve made three large pots for Tea at Yaz’s, seen here with the smaller pot for scale, so now they’re all ready for Petra to plant some plants in. I also finished adjusting her grey pants! I made the legs slimmer, put on a new waistband and made the elastic inside tighter to stop them…… Continue reading Project Roundup

Project Roundup

These little boxes have been in the works for so long now, I’m so close to finishing them! I was randomly struck with the motivation to crochet something, so I made an autumn garland, which has been on my list for a few years now! I used Attic24’s beech leaf pattern for the leaves, and I…… Continue reading Project Roundup