Meet Petra

The new doll I mentioned in the last post is complete – meet Petra Zapalla! She likes plants and gardening, as well as travelling to new places, especially if they have cool gardens or forests to wander in. Her collection of jumpers is rivalled only by Sarah’s collection of T-shirts. She lives above Tea at…… Continue reading Meet Petra

Sarah’s New Jumper

Do you remember how Sarah was eyeing up the yarn I knitted my socks with? Well, she has her own garment in that yarn now. The pattern came from a book called 'Knit Your Own Boyfriend' by Carol Meldrum, which I originally picked up 'just for a look'. There's ribbing around the sleeves as well… Continue reading Sarah’s New Jumper

Finished Socks!

Only this morning I finished the Kitchener stitch on the second sock. Oh, they look so good as a pair! My Kitchener stitch looks neater on this sock, which makes me very happy. Little bit hot to be wearing them at the moment, but that means that winter can't come soon enough. Now Sarah's┬áreally eyeing… Continue reading Finished Socks!