Blanket Revisited

Long-time readers may remember this blanket of Sarah’s: I love the colours, but not the construction methods for this one, so I thought this week I’d re-make it into something better. Like this! It’s longer than Sarah’s other miniature blanket, so perfect for covering the entire bed on cold nights. The colours are already suited…… Continue reading Blanket Revisited

Trees in Bloom

I thought it would be appropriate to finish this for this weekend, because it was Earth Day yesterday. It’s a small tree! Maybe it’s a very large bonsai rose bush or something. I found the pattern in an issue of Simply Crochet magazine, and modified it a bit to suit my purposes. Lemons would have…… Continue reading Trees in Bloom

Project Roundup: Two Sleeves and a Plant

First off, I’ve started a new life-sized dress on my treadle machine. The bodice is complete, and the collar is attached: I’m hoping to get the sleeves hemmed and attached before the end of the weekend. Okay, the second sleeves are much smaller. Afte I made Tiffany that short-sleeved patchwork shirt, I wanted to put…… Continue reading Project Roundup: Two Sleeves and a Plant

Project Roundup

So, because the project I wanted to complete and post today looks like this…. …. and this…. ….I shall instead show you some of the new things I’ve purchased recently. Starting with a new pattern – this is the Rosery Apparel Daisy dress. I really like the style, and the lack of zipper, so I…… Continue reading Project Roundup