Project Roundup

Wednesday was Petra’s birthday…. ….which she was happy to spend among the plants. As for what I’m making, I’ve got this little square pot on the go, for some storage in my wardrobe. I like the colour scheme of this yarn – maybe I should make it an outfit…. I’ve also got another facade on…… Continue reading Project Roundup

How To Build a Storefront (Part 2)

Welcome back to building a storefront with me! (This feels like it should be the introduction of a YouTube video…) Once the signage goes up… …and the windows go in… …the door can be made and glued on. Then it’s just finishing touches, like glass, window and door frames, and a doorknob, and it’s complete!…… Continue reading How To Build a Storefront (Part 2)

Yarnwall (and the Front Counter)

It’s a gloomy day in this miniature world, very atmospheric for taking photos of the newly-rebuilt cabinetry in Needle & Thread. I put drawers on the front of the counter, which presumably hold measuring tapes and record books and suchlike. I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but I have loved sneaking in…… Continue reading Yarnwall (and the Front Counter)