Blanket Revisited

Long-time readers may remember this blanket of Sarah’s: I love the colours, but not the construction methods for this one, so I thought this week I’d re-make it into something better. Like this! It’s longer than Sarah’s other miniature blanket, so perfect for covering the entire bed on cold nights. The colours are already suited…… Continue reading Blanket Revisited

Sarah’s Birthday

It’s Sarah’s birthday today, so as it is still raining outside, her friends have planned an indoor celebration. Petra went over early to set up a bit, and give gifts before the chaos comes. P: “So, this is from Tiffany, because she’s helping Hazel with the cake,” S: “Where did she get this? We haven’t…… Continue reading Sarah’s Birthday

Jacket Renovation

Do you remember Sarah’s khaki jacket that I made ages ago? Well, I like to think my outerwear-making skills have improved somewhat…. So, here is the new-and-improved version! I kept as much as I could of the original jacket, which includes the sleeves (because that embroidery was difficult). Unfortunately, I did have to re-make the…… Continue reading Jacket Renovation

Happy Easter!

Remember last year, when Sarah painted eggs for her friends? Well, they were so popular, that this year, she’s organised an egg-painting party! T: “Oh, the table looks so good!” P: “It really does,” S: “Thanks!” S: “Ok, here are the eggs, where should I put them so everyone can reach?” P: “Maybe in the…… Continue reading Happy Easter!

Decorating In and Out

In-between decorating her apartment…. ….Sarah’s helping Tiffany and Petra decorate the stores for the holidays. Most of their time is spent being silly with the decorations, though. “What do you think Petra?” “Uhm….” “Hey Tiff, can I borrow extra hooks for my wreath and these lights?” “Sure I’ll just– Sarah’s got biscuits!” “Do you want…… Continue reading Decorating In and Out

Continuing Getting Started

I’ve been making a few other textbooks for different subjects studied at the same university, amongst other education-related things. This is a very basic set of textbooks, for subjects that I thought of off the top of my head. I’d love to explore more obscure subjects, like, I don’t know, magic? Languages? Cultural studies? They’ll…… Continue reading Continuing Getting Started

Getting Started

Sarah’s made a trip to Flourish & Blotts today, not to add to her collection of novels, unfortunately…. ….but to get textbooks. (And one fun book about astronomy. S: It’s a stowaway, shh.) I’ve also made some notebooks, ready to be filled with notes; I made six different colours, so I’ve got a few spares just…… Continue reading Getting Started