Project Roundup

My bakery’s front fa├žade is coming along slowly – here we’ve got the exterior brickwork done…. ….and the addition of a window. The plan is to have the name of the bakery painted onto the glass of the window, which will hopefully look really good! I’m also sewing together all the squares for my cushion…… Continue reading Project Roundup

Touring The Palace Library

Hello! It’s Sarah writing here, and I’ll be taking you on a tour of the Palace Library bookstore! Which looks like this: I’ve been helping the owner with the whole setting-up business, and I’ll be doing a few hours a week here now it’s open, so you’ll probably see me around. Let’s go inside! On…… Continue reading Touring The Palace Library

Final Touches

The last few books out of that last box are being unpacked today. “Alright, let’s get these over to the display table…” “….Hmm. I think this display needs re-arranging.” There we go! “Oooh, this one looks interesting…” We’re one week out from opening day now, and everything’s so close to ready! I know I keep…… Continue reading Final Touches