Project Roundup: Two Sleeves and a Plant

First off, I’ve started a new life-sized dress on my treadle machine. The bodice is complete, and the collar is attached: I’m hoping to get the sleeves hemmed and attached before the end of the weekend. Okay, the second sleeves are much smaller. Afte I made Tiffany that short-sleeved patchwork shirt, I wanted to put…… Continue reading Project Roundup: Two Sleeves and a Plant

Project Roundup

I have quite a few big projects going on at the moment, combined with being away from my workspace. Embroidery sure doesn’t look like a big project, but thousands of tiny stitches takes a while! This will be an embroidered cuff bracelet, eventually. The other snake will be yellow. I’ve also been pattern drafting -…… Continue reading Project Roundup