Couch Cushions

Tiffany’s been sewing…. ….and crocheting all week…. ….to finish these two couch cushions! The crochet cushion has two different sides, because I couldn’t decide between two different colour combinations. I’ve had the idea for a bow tie cushion for a while now, and I’m really happy with it! The cushions could have been a little…… Continue reading Couch Cushions

Tee’s Long Sleeves

Between a week of crocheting squares, sewing panels together yesterday…. ….and sewing on pockets this morning, Tiffany’s cardigan is done! “It’s so warm!” The sleeves are a little bit tight, but she can still get in and out of them. Either way, Tee loves it! I was inspired by a similarly-constructed cardigan in a crochet…… Continue reading Tee’s Long Sleeves

Meet Tiffany

The collection of pattern pieces in my last Project Roundup is fully assembled – meet Tiffany Faust! She loves needlecrafts, especially making clothes. She often makes her own clothes, because the regular avenues don’t have stuff she likes wearing. Her friends call her Tee, because she thinks her full name sounds “too old-fashioned”. She works…… Continue reading Meet Tiffany