Project Roundup

I have a few old/didn’t-work-out-right doll clothes that I was trying to recycle this week, but they’re not agreeing with me, so I may have to do some more thinking. As always, there are books-in-progress on my desk…. ….and I impulsively started crocheting myself a rainbow beanie for winter. I have no idea how I…… Continue reading Project Roundup

Project Roundup

The Quest to Unpack All the Boxes remains a slow one, about matching the rate at which the bookshelves get built. “Oooh, there are some good ones in this box!” “When I next get a moment, we should totally put genre labels on the shelves somewhere.” I also have a few life-size sewing projects that…… Continue reading Project Roundup

Upstairs Furnishings

There are a lot of bookshelves in The Palace Library that need assembling, so as a result, the armchair has been moved to one of the upstairs rooms for now. You can see one of the other rooms across the banisters: that room has a lot of boxes that will fill the shelves downstairs. However,…… Continue reading Upstairs Furnishings

Bookstore Beginnings

Sarah’s local bookstore is coming along really well in its renovations! This is the finished storefront: There’s a little palace/castle in the sign, which I think is really cute. The window frame is also raised, so the display is still changeable. Maybe I should do this for all the shops…. Let’s see how it’s going…… Continue reading Bookstore Beginnings