Trees in Bloom

I thought it would be appropriate to finish this for this weekend, because it was Earth Day yesterday. It’s a small tree! Maybe it’s a very large bonsai rose bush or something. I found the pattern in an issue of Simply Crochet magazine, and modified it a bit to suit my purposes. Lemons would have…… Continue reading Trees in Bloom

Project Roundup: Two Sleeves and a Plant

First off, I’ve started a new life-sized dress on my treadle machine. The bodice is complete, and the collar is attached: I’m hoping to get the sleeves hemmed and attached before the end of the weekend. Okay, the second sleeves are much smaller. Afte I made Tiffany that short-sleeved patchwork shirt, I wanted to put…… Continue reading Project Roundup: Two Sleeves and a Plant

Yarnwall (and the Front Counter)

It’s a gloomy day in this miniature world, very atmospheric for taking photos of the newly-rebuilt cabinetry in Needle & Thread. I put drawers on the front of the counter, which presumably hold measuring tapes and record books and suchlike. I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but I have loved sneaking in…… Continue reading Yarnwall (and the Front Counter)

Needle & Thread Darkens

There’s been a few updates in Needle & Thread. First off, I sanded back the big table to the dark wood underneath and sealed it, so now it matches all the new cabinetry. So much nicer! Second, the fabric shelves that used to be fat quarters came down (RIP)… …and the new dark wood ones…… Continue reading Needle & Thread Darkens