City Gardens

Sarah and I took a trip into one of the city’s gardens for the morning, and had a wander around and took a few pictures.


One of the features of the garden is a lake, filled with fish and water birds, surrounded by a boardwalk.



I think this is my favourite picture, I just love the colours of the flowers around Sarah.


We also spotted several water dragons, which roam freely through the gardens. This one was the only one willing to pose, though!



There is also a pair of waterfalls in the gardens, and they’re very loud! We could feel the spray from the waterfall when taking the picture above.

We had a lot of fun walking around, and it was inspiring to see all the flowers blooming with their rainbows of colour. I must do this more often, as we both really enjoy it (Sarah after the initial few pictures…).

Anyways, see ya!


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