Fierro’s Furnishings

Well, the first few furnishings, at least. I’ve made two sets of these tables and chairs for seating in the bakery. In lieu of thin enough wood, I’ve used strips of cardboard to make the chairs (apart from the seats and backrests, which are wood.). The tables have this really cool pink terrazzo top on…… Continue reading Fierro’s Furnishings

Fierro’s Front Counter

The front counter at Fierro’s is complete! We also got a chalkboard menu hung behind the counter, which is fantastic. The plan is to fill the three shelves in the glass cabinet with breads, cakes, and smaller treats at the top. Under the counter has shelves for wayward cash registers and anything else that might…… Continue reading Fierro’s Front Counter

Project Roundup

The interior walls of Fierro’s have been painted – the pink on top is brighter in person. I have plans to put some fancy details on the walls, so there’s still work to do here. I also bought some new fabric! The two on the left will be the outer and lining of another waistcoat,…… Continue reading Project Roundup