Seating Areas

Sadly, the foldable chairs that Sarah was hoping to get to match the dining table were gone from the op shop, but she did find these normal chairs instead that match quite well.



Sarah’s taken to having her morning hot drink sitting at the table, watching the garden life and the weather.


The chairs are also perfect to use as a set of hooks, apparently! (Sarah: Don’t question me!)




I love seeing the whole space laid out, it really looks like a home. I think the next details I want to add to this space will be more food. The list of items includes marshmallows, pasta, pizza and tubs of ice cream. Clearly, a very healthy selection!

Anyways, see ya!


2 thoughts on “Seating Areas

  1. These chairs look so authentic and go so well with the table!
    They look much better than my own dining room chairs- lol 😉


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