So, I saw Captain Marvel yesterday, and loved it, so I had to make something.


Sarah’s very excited, as you can see. (I tried to replicate Captain Marvel’s glowing energy hands in my image editor with, ah, interesting results?)


The ribbon is glued on, which makes the front of the shirt quite stiff. I would like it to be less stiff, but I suppose that comes as it gets worn more often.



I feel like the shirt goes well with the observatory, seeing as she spent a lot of time in space in the movie.



It’s a comfy place to recuperate in between flying up there if your spaceship is too cramped. (Or doesn’t exist yet. Oops.)

Anyways, see ya!


4 thoughts on “Marvel-ous

      1. I loved pretty much everything about the movie, especially the awesome action scenes at the end! Captain Marvel is definitely my new favorite character 😀


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