Happy Birthday Sarah!

Today is Sarah’s birthday!


I made a chocolate cake to celebrate (her favourite kind), with white chocolate roses on top.


I also thought to celebrate, I’d share some previously-unseen photos – outtakes from photo shoots, as well as some that aren’t from photo shoots. Let’s go!


I think this one is an outtake from a Star Wars day photo shoot a few years back. I love her pose, it might have been a warm-up shot taken mid-swing.


Sometimes, Sarah’s hair just gets so messy we sit down and re-do her ponytail, and have a bit of fun in the process!


This was after the Gryffindor scarf photo shoot, it was quite hot that day so she was happy to take the scarf off once we were inside!


And this was the first time Sarah wore her completed 13th Doctor outfit, and you can see how excited she is!

Anyways, see ya!

FillieFanatic (and Sarah)

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