The latest invention to enter the mini-world is Porta-Mugs, re-usable takeaway mugs.


The lids are purple to match the bands, though it’s a little tricky to get a good picture of the colour! I do plan on having a ‘drink’ in the cup, though I still need to do a little experimenting with that.


Here’s a good look at the colour of the lid:


They’re great for grabbing a takeaway coffee/tea/hot chocolate from the Three Broomsticks (where they will also be for sale)…


… or for taking elsewhere in the city with a homemade concoction.



Sarah likes the white galaxy one best, and I think I do too. I plan on expanding the range of Porta-Mugs to include a rainbow of different colours to appeal to every taste. I think they’ll be quite popular, I know Sarah’s will get a lot of use!

Anyways, see ya!


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