Sarah’s Birthday

Yesterday was Sarah’s birthday.

Sarah looks off into the middle distance, holding a small party hat on her head. She's in a khaki jacket, a red striped shirt, and jeans.

As BB-8 is getting a little rusty around the edges, and as Sarah’s world expands, I want to introduce a new android:

A small android sits against a white brick background. They are the same silhouette as BB-8, but grey with more small black function openings on their body. They have two optical sensors on their head, both looking at the camera.

This is Chip! Chip is a house android, basically a Roomba that doesn’t clean.

Chip rolls to the right of the image, looking in that direction.

Chip’s head can swivel because it’s mounted on this rod that allows them to get taller. (I’m very pleased with this!)

Chip sits in front of a white background, head elevated on a silver rod coming from the top of their body.

Here they are meeting for the first time….

Over-the-shoulder shot of Sarah looking down at Chip, who has a blue ribbon bow around their neck.
Sarah holds Chip in her arms, party hat on, as Chip holds their head next to Sarah's cheek. Sarah's grinning.

….of course, the rod also allows for Chip to show affection. 🙂 Chip is loosely based on Once Upon a Yarn’s BB-8 pattern because I love BB-8’s design. Sarah can’t wait to show Chip around her apartment and her city! Who knows what adventures they’ll get up to….

Anyways, see ya!


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