The First of Many

Petra has a new jumper! The first of many, I’m sure.

Petra stands against a white brick background, arms out in a 'look at my outfit' pose. She wears a knitted jumper in various shades of blue and loose grey pants.

I adjusted the pattern a little to make it fit better, and Petra and I are both very happy with the results!

Petra looks at the camera, one hand on her hip. She's wearing the blue jumper.

As a result of the adjustments, the sleeves are longer and the body piece is slimmer, which makes the neck less gapey.

Close-up of the neck of Petra's jumper, which hugs her neck closer than the pink one did. One of Petra's hands is on her shoulder.
Petra stands against a fence, hands in pockets and foot propped up. She wears the blue jumper and loose grey pants with black Converse high-tops. She's looking at the camera.

This yarn is new as well, and I love the way it looks!

Petra holds her hands in front of her, looking off to the left. She wears the blue jumper, and her butt-length black braid is visible.
Petra leans a shoulder against a wooden fence, one hand in her pocket and one foot propped up. She's looking at the camera, wearing the blue jumper, grey pants, and black shoes.

It’s just in time for the colder weather, too. Petra assures me it is ‘very snuggly!’  Now I’m wondering what to knit next; I’d love to make a Weasley jumper, then I could try intarsia….

Anyways, see ya!


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