Fancy Pants

In my quest to make Tiffany an entire outfit that fits her, we came up with these harem pants.

Tiffany stands before a white brick background. She wears loose pants that have elastic gathering at the waist and ankles, hands in pockets. The fabric is purple and batik-printed, and she wears it with a navy top. She looks at the camera.

They have pockets and an elastic waistband, which is a first for me!

Close-up of the pants' elastic waistband and in-seam pockets, which Tiffany's hand is in.

They also have elastic around the ankles, which I think looks really good with the loose legs.

Close-up of the elasticated ankles of the pants, creating a balloon-sleeve-esque effect.
Tiffany stands outside, against a dirt wall. She wears the purple, loose pants with a navy top, her crocheted cardigan, and a scarf. She looks at the camera, hands in cardigan pockets.

Tee says they’re very practical for scrambling up rocks during photoshoots!

Tiffany stands upon a rock with plants in the background, looking heroically up to the sky. She wears the loose purple pants, crocheted cardigan, and scarf.

These pants are also definitely more her style: bright colours, strange combinations, and unconventional shapes. Tee and I can’t wait to make more!

Anyways, see ya!


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