Decorating In and Out

In-between decorating her apartment…. ….Sarah’s helping Tiffany and Petra decorate the stores for the holidays. Most of their time is spent being silly with the decorations, though. “What do you think Petra?” “Uhm….” “Hey Tiff, can I borrow extra hooks for my wreath and these lights?” “Sure I’ll just– Sarah’s got biscuits!” “Do you want…… Continue reading Decorating In and Out

Drinks & Lanterns

Two more details were added to Tea at Yaz’s, first is this simple drinks menu: As well as lanterns, for the tables: I made two square ones and a pentagonal one, all with little rings on top for holding or hanging. (The two lying-down rings don’t actually move, unfortunately!) They’ve each got a little candle…… Continue reading Drinks & Lanterns

Meet Petra

The new doll I mentioned in the last post is complete – meet Petra Zapalla! She likes plants and gardening, as well as travelling to new places, especially if they have cool gardens or forests to wander in. Her collection of jumpers is rivalled only by Sarah’s collection of T-shirts. She lives above Tea at…… Continue reading Meet Petra