Magazine Boxes

Sarah’s magazines have been getting a wee bit messy just loose on the shelf, so I made some magazine boxes for them.


The box came from a Desktop Stables printable, and the model horse magazines and catalogue came with the template, so I thought I’d make those as well. Why not?



The boxes are made out of thick-ish scrapbook paper that had been languishing at the bottom of my paper tray for a while, and they have quite interesting colours and patterns on.


Much neater!


I realise now that the magazines I made a while ago are quite small for 1:9 scale. Eh, there are different sized magazines in the real world, so I’m not too bothered.


Many a pleasant afternoon has been spent flicking through magazines, and it’ll be much neater from now on. (There’s also another calendar background in the window as well – I love the effect!)

Anyways, see ya!


2 thoughts on “Magazine Boxes

  1. I honestly cannot handle how cute those mini books and magazines are. ^_^ And that last picture is absolutely gorgeous…the blanket, Sarah’s socks, that photo collage in the background… you have a great eye for detail! 😀


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