Spring Bunting

This is almost like a series, isn’t it?


“On this episode of Seasonal Bunting, it’s spring!” *catchy theme tune*


It nearly matches Sarah’s new pants, doesn’t it?



Putting up the new bunting marks the change of the seasons for Sarah, and she’s hopefully heading to Diagon Alley again next weekend for some flowers and plants to put around the house.


BB-8 really likes the camera, he came rolling and beeping from the other end of the house to be in this shot. Drama queen!

Anyways, see ya!



10 thoughts on “Spring Bunting

  1. Beautiful bunting! The seasonal colors remind me of the gorgeous color packs from Lucy of Attic24. ^_^ It seems so strange that it’s fall in the US for me, but you’re going into spring! 😀 Also, I’m absolutely blown away by the detail in Sarah’s house. It looks so real, from the fireplace to her fantastic new pants. 🙂


    1. Thank you, and now I think of it, they are almost like colour packs! A small part of me wishes it was autumn here, as I really don’t like hot weather. It gets up to 35 degrees Celsius in summer, as well as being very humid. Sarah’s house does look real, doesn’t it? Thank you! 😊

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