Contrasting Shorts

While I was making the flowery shirt not long ago, I had the idea to use the same fabric to make a pair of summer shorts, as Sarah only had one denim pair for all of summer.


They’re a little longer than the denim pair, to give her options.



We have a bougainvillea vine in our backyard, and a lot of the petals have recently fallen off, so there was a small pink carpet for these pictures.


I thought the flowers on the ground would link with the flowery print of the fabric, as well as contrast with the blue and match the shirt colours.



Not bad, huh? I’ll probably use these pictures for spring headers and lock screens, as they’re rather nice. My favourite picture is the first one, because I asked Sarah to pose with nothing in her hands, and it didn’t look quite right. She then picked up the flower and thus, the picture was born.

Anyways, see ya!


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