Tinned Tomatoes

Do you remember those tomato slices I made back when I was making the sandwich fillings? Well, I made a tin for them today, courtesy of Benoit Farms & Gardens.


(Note: Benoit Farms & Gardens is the fictional (sadly) farm of Scarlet Benoit from The Lunar Chronicles books by Marissa Meyer – it’s a very good series!)


This side of the label says ‘Farm-Fresh Sliced Tomatoes’. Perhaps next time I’d make the label a different colour to the tin, perhaps yellow or pale green.


I also put the Benoit Farms logo on the lid, just in case it gets mixed up with any other lids out there.



The lid has a little inset circle on the inside to keep it on, as you can see above. You can also see the nutritional information and ingredients on this side of the label.


This picture could almost be in an ad for Benoit Farms & Gardens, couldn’t it? *uplifting melody starts playing* ‘Farm-fresh, sliced tomatoes, perfect for a lunchtime sandwich. In stores now.‘ 😀

Anyways, see ya!


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