Sarah by the Sea

As it’s currently the middle of summer here, Sarah and I needed a little break from crafting so we went to the beach.


We got ice cream (as you do when at the coast), and wandered down to a picnic table near the shore.



The beach was near a marina, so there were plenty of boats coming and going.



All in all, it was a welcome break in the sun for both of us, and a breath of fresh air.

What do you guys do when in need of a break? I usually just read a book, but a day trip is occasionally needed!

Anyways, see ya!


3 thoughts on “Sarah by the Sea

  1. That weather looks absolutely delightful. Sarah’s outfit also looks wonderfully summery, especially with that sunhat! She has the right idea. I love that style of hat for keeping the sun out of one’s eyes. 🙂 I, too, usually read a book when I need a break, but a trip to the beach sounds like even more fun. Perhaps reading a book set by the beach!


      1. It really is the epitome of relaxation! I read the first few chapters of Tower of Dawn by the beach, which was just as pleasant as I had hoped, minus the sand blowing in my face. 😛


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