Book Delivery

Sarah’s copy of Wires & Nerve Vol 2 came yesterday, so I can finally post about this book!


Eeeeeeeeeee! I received my copy from Book Depository not long after it was released, but I wanted to wait until Sarah had her copy before posting, so both copies could be in the same post.


It’s quite a large book, as you can see. It’s also hardcover, which makes it a little heavy.


Here’s a few beauty shots of Sarah’s copy.


You can see it on Sarah’s shelves, looking gorgeous. It’s the brightest cover out of the entire TLC series, which is interesting.



I’ve read my copy already, and loved it! I’m so happy everything turned out okay, and finding out about Iko’s past was really interesting. Sarah’s started her copy today, and she’s really excited about it! She’s already about halfway through.

Have you read this book yet? Or, what else have you recently read?

Anyways, see ya!


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