Stocking the Shelves

“Oof!” The Palace Library’s just received another box of stock, and this box is actually interesting! The beginnings of the novel section, or about 34 books, made by me. There are two copies of each book here, because real-life bookstores have multiple copies too. “I wanna sort them into series’, so they’re easier to shelve,”…… Continue reading Stocking the Shelves

2020 Books

These are all the books I added to my shelves last year (wow, that feels good to say!). I bought Heartstopper vol. 3 in March just before everything went downhill, and the others I received around my birthday. I received or used gift cards on these books around Christmas this year. I am particularly excited…… Continue reading 2020 Books

Continuing Getting Started

I’ve been making a few other textbooks for different subjects studied at the same university, amongst other education-related things. This is a very basic set of textbooks, for subjects that I thought of off the top of my head. I’d love to explore more obscure subjects, like, I don’t know, magic? Languages? Cultural studies? They’ll…… Continue reading Continuing Getting Started