Soft Spikes

It was a friend of mine’s birthday not long ago, and I decided to make her a little crochet cactus for a birthday gift.


These French knots are cactus flowers, which I think look adorable on real-life cacti.


The pot is stuffed, and I put a circle of cardboard in the base to help it stand upright.



Yeah, Sarah, this succulent is a little large for your living room, I’m sorry. It’s probably quite heavy, too. “It is!  Ughhh.” *rapid footsteps, followed by a sigh of relief*

My friend loved her gift, so much that she named it Steve. (I’m all for naming inanimate objects, especially plants.)

Anyways, see ya!


7 thoughts on “Soft Spikes

  1. That cactus is the cutest thing, it has to be a lot of fun to hug, definitely more than the real thing! I’ve never gotten the hang of French knots, but they look so nice as little flowers. Maybe Sarah needs a little cactus or succulent for her room…I wonder how one would go about making a miniature succulent! And Steve is the perfect name for a plant, I name pretty much everything I own too. 😀


      1. Those are so cute! I’m not surprised you already made her some, they look perfect on Sarah’s bookshelves! ^_^


  2. These are SO cute! Do you mind if I try to make these? I think they would look cute somewhere in my barn 🙂


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