The Final Books … For Now

The final books for batch 2 are done. It’s the Starbound Trilogy, which Sarah liked more than I did.


The covers are gorgeous (particularly Their Fractured Light), and they’re written by an Australian author, so why not support beautiful covers and Australians?



This bookshelf of Sarah’s is getting quite cramped, as tends to happen. Good to see the bookshelf-filling-speed remains consistent in miniature!



“Sorry BB-8, these ones are set in space, but they don’t really have any droids in them.” *annoyed beeping* “Oh, you’re fine, you drama queen.”

I already have a small list of books for batch 3… perhaps we need to make more space on the current shelf first. Or we could just fill this shelf to its absolute maximum before clearing another. Good idea!

Anyways, see ya!


7 thoughts on “The Final Books … For Now

  1. Cool! I sometimes make mini books for my movies, but not for my dolls. (Which I don’t use a ton anymore.)


  2. I was so happy when I discovered your blog/site. I was really glad to see I’m not the only star wars obsessed, reading obsessed, (especially action books) person with breyer(s) out there.

    (Although I collect mostly horses. )

    Say hi to Sarah for me!


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