Hats Off to Great Ideas

I made Sarah a cap that I finished this morning, and I think it suits her more than the sunhat I crocheted a while ago.



The pattern came from this book I borrowed from the library, though I did have to make it a little smaller, as Barbies are larger than Sarah.


Of course, BB8 wanted to try it on, and Sarah obliged…


It might be useful for keeping water out of the droid’s electronics, especially as it looks like it’s going to rain.



How adorable does BB8 look? This may be one of Sarah’s best ideas yet.

Anyways, see ya!


3 thoughts on “Hats Off to Great Ideas

  1. That is the cutest cap and must have been really tricky to make!
    Soon be time to bring out the crochet berets now that our winter is almost here!


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