Hanging Hoops

I finished my first embroidery design!


I’m really happy with it. My favourite part of the hoop is the leaves, they look so realistic.


I put a line of backstitch on the purple fabric to give a little definition and suggest that the fabric’s twisted. I think it worked, the backstitch is a slightly different colour so it could suggest a fancy border on that edge.


Now I’m thinking of where to put it…


Hmm, I think I want to hang it somewhere…


It could work here, though I think the unpainted hoop makes it stand out a little. It might look better if I started a new wall (or side of a bookshelf) for plain hoops and then filled that wall/side-of-bookshelf with more hoops. I might need to stock up on hoops then!

Anyways, see ya!


2 thoughts on “Hanging Hoops

  1. That looks fantastic! And it’s so cool that you designed it yourself. It’s like art and sewing combined! It sounds like I really need to see this movie, I’ve heard a lot of great things about it. Your embroidery wall is so pretty, like a mini art gallery! 😀


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