Madam Malkin’s has some more furniture, a stool/side table and a coffee table/fitting table.


Both pieces have storage underneath, which will probably house soft furnishings like cushions (once I’ve made them).


This chair is not new – it’s the chair from Flourish & Blotts draped in different fabric to better suit the decor.


I imagine that the chair under this fabric was thrifted and the owner of Madam Malkin’s hasn’t got around to re-upholstering it yet, so they just threw a nice sheet over the old fabric.


Because the stool and coffee table are so simple, they can make the space either a sit-and-stitch area…



…or a fitting corner. (BB-8 was an eager volunteer to stand in for a seamstress on the stool.) I need to add some things to the fitting room, like a trolley for supplies and maybe a clothes rack, as well as smaller details throughout the interior, but I’m liking how it’s coming together so far. We definitely need a crochet blanket on the couch, I think!

Anyways, see ya!


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