Sarah’s New Room

Because I need more space in my storage cupboards, Sarah’s apartment is getting a makeover, starting with the bedroom.


Not only is the space a lot larger, but all the furniture will (hopefully) fit inside the box when it’s folded up, including the floor.


I want to make a new desk to go here with the stool. Then Sarah can store her craft stuff there so it’s not on the bottom shelf of the bookshelf.



Otherwise, I think it’s looking pretty good!


We just need some art on the walls, which Sarah is looking at currently. She’s also looking at decorating ideas with great enthusiasm. *from a distance* What if I had a TARDIS in here? *pause* Maybe think a little smaller, Sarah! Awh, alright!

Anyways, see ya!


4 thoughts on “Sarah’s New Room

  1. Ooh, I wouldn’t mind my own room looking like Sarah’s! Come to think of it, I had that exact same picture of Rey and BB-8 hanging on my wall for a while. 🙂 Maybe a TARDIS poster or blanket to compromise? Looking great!


    1. Thank you! I know right, that big window is to die for, I’ve never needed a shrink ray more. I mean, she has a TARDIS cushion, but we will be finding some more fandom art to put on the walls. That picture of Rey and BB-8 came from a craft show catalogue, actually! I think it was a centre piece for a quilt being advertised. 😊


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