Project Roundup

This is pretty much the Doctor Who edition of Project Roundup, as both of the things I’m working on at the moment are Doctor Who related!

First, I decided to crochet the scarf the Doctor wears in the New Years special, so I went out and colour-matched as best as I could…


…and I’m now nearly finished the second row of burgundy. The stitch I’m using is moss stitch, and the pattern comes from Mahogany Turtle (great name!).


I mentioned at the end of last post that all Sarah needs is a TARDIS (amongst other things)? Well, all this cardboard is slowly turning into…





Clearly, it’s still in its early stages, as I’ve just started building the raised parts of the exterior. But I have big plans for this not-so-little box that I’m very excited about, so I must get back to it!

Anyways, see ya!


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