Mauve Book Covers

Is this another badge I’m making?


Yup! It’s inspired by the Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare, specifically the character Will Herondale.


The reason A Tale of Two Cities is mauve is because Will describes his soul as being mauve in the second book, Clockwork Prince (p95).


The set, when put together, will fade from white to black (as the mood of the books does), which is why this first badge has a white background. You can also see I added the dagger at the top of the badge later to fill a bit of empty space.



I’ve been re-reading the Infernal Devices recently, which provided the motivation to finally get around to making these badges, as I believe I designed them back when I first read this trilogy (which was a while ago!). I’m off to make the other two before my motivation evades me again!

Anyways, see ya!


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